Celebrating 10 years of blogging – and still going strong

On February 13th 2007, I wrote my first ever blog post. Ten years later, I’m still at it.

If a week is a long time in politics then ten years is more like an eternity in blogging. A lot has changed both in the world at large and in my own personal bubble over that time.

That was then …

On February 13th 2007, Tony Blair was still the UK’s Prime Minister. A little known senator from Illinois had just announced his candidacy for US President. (Whatever happened to Barack Obama, eh?) And Mika’s Grace Kelly topped the UK singles chart.

It was an auspicious month in my little corner of the world too. By my calculations, three days after writing my first post we conceived the first of our three children, Isaac, after four years of trying. (As an aside, it happened the evening we watched Apocalypse Now. There’s a metaphor for you!)

… This is now

So now here I am, ten years, seven blogs, three podcasts and no book deal later. (I’m not bitter, honest, guv.) What’s changed?

Well, I have, for starters. I’m a lot more comfortable with who I am than I ever used to be. I’m a better writer than I was but maybe not as good a writer as I hoped. I’ve survived the occasional crisis of confidence and reminded myself of the simple pleasure of putting finger to keyboard and telling stories.

Blogging has opened doors to many new experiences too.

New friends. One of the blogs I started was with six fellow cycling fans spanning three countries, none of whom I had met face-to-face. Plus, of course, all the weird and wonderful – but mostly wonderful – people I have met online via their blogs or in person.

I’ve developed a love of podcasting – I currently host and produce the Meet the Parents podcast – and I did my first radio interview last year.

I’ve sung live not once but twice at blogging events. Not bad for someone who is socially awkward and hates the sound of his own voice.

Blogging has even led me to build my knowledge of social media to a high enough level that it resulted in me getting my current job.

It’s fair to say that without blogging my world would be very different – and probably in more ways than I realise.

What’s next?

So ten years have passed. By my estimate I’ve published posts totalling over three million words during that time. I’ve written about everything from football and cycling to TV and parenting. I’ve written about Donald Trump and Jade Goody. I’ve written about childbirth and Brexit.

Now what?

In truth, I don’t know what the future holds. My blogging journey has been one of continuous evolution and that constant refreshing is a big part of the reason I’m still writing today. Subject matter, writing style, format (blogs, podcasts, badly sung musical parodies) – I’ve reinvented myself on a regular basis.

Some people pursue different career paths or different lifestyles. I’ve taken on different blogging personas, which means I always have new stories to tell.

And that is why I still love blogging and why I can’t imagine giving it up.

2007-2017. Ten years chalked off. I wonder what the next ten will bring? It’s going to be fun finding out. Let the next chapter begin.


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