My Sunday Photo: Less a bitter pill, more a sweet tablet

Toby has been asking for a tablet of his own ever since we gave Isaac one for his seventh birthday. We told him he could have one when he turned seven. 25 months later, the day arrived.

On Thursday, Toby ceased being a six-year-old and finally turned seven. For over two years he has waited patiently, reminding us occasionally of his wish just in case we had forgotten. (As if.) And while he was delighted with his other presents – he went to great pains to tell us how much he loved his new yo-yo even thought it was his smallest gift – there was no mistaking how over the moon he was when he unwrapped his new Amazon Fire.

When Toby is really happy,Β he smiles like the Cheshire cat. On Thursday morning he was like a combination of the Cheshire Cat on laughing gas and Tigger after a double espresso. He bounced around the house in the utmost excitement.

He hasn’t stopped since.

Of course, he has already downloaded Minecraft and several of his other favourite games. He’s been streaming music and creating his own playlists. And he’s pretty much worked out all the tablet’s various functions already. We didn’t even have to set him up on our wifi – Isaac, our resident IT support expert (aged nine) did it for him.

Between them, I fully expect the boys to hack their way into various government systems and maybe rig a presidential election result. Hang on, now you mention it … Nah, they couldn’t have, could they?

Happy birthday, Toby. Enjoy your new tablet. You’ve waited so patiently for it. You deserve it.


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