Our younger son Toby turned two on Thursday, an occasion which he celebrated in time-honoured tradition by stuffing chocolate cake down his throat – and all over his face – with the kind of unselfconscious gusto that only a young child can exhibit. Although there is no mistaking the physical resemblance between him and his (four-year old) brother Isaac, anyone who has spent any length of time in the company of our two sons will know that they are very much like snowflakes. They may look identical at first glance, but a cursory examination soon reveals that they are more unlike than alike, particularly in terms of their personalities and preferences.

Heather has been suggesting we allow Isaac the opportunity to wash our cars for a while. Given that he is an avowed neat freak – borderline OCD, if you ask me – who thoroughly enjoys tidying up and helping us clean the house, it wasn’t exactly the biggest leap of faith to believe he might enjoy a bit of bucket-and-sponge work.