Kara the human emoji

Kara the human gymnast emoji

Other people walk to get from A to B. But not Kara. Our little gymnast seems to spend as much time cartwheeling as she does walking these days.

Everything everywhere is an opportunity to hone her gymnastics skills. A low wall becomes a wider version of the beam. A railing is one half of the uneven bars. And any extended flat ground presents a chance to practise her tumbles and flicks. When she’s at home, she’s forever outside on the trampoline.

Unlike in Stranger Things, the Upside Down isn’t some weird alternate dimension. It’s just Kara’s normal state.

I’ll tell you something that I’ve found
That the world’s a better place
When it’s upside down

Sweet Like Me, Gabriella Cilmi

When we were at Disney World last month, it didn’t matter how tired she was. She cartwheeled everywhere like a human version of the gymnast emoji, performing so many in succession that it made me dizzy just watching her.

This is normal for Kara. She does this everywhere she goes.

She also does a pretty good version of the smiling, angry and eye-rolling emojis, in the way that only a child who wants to express their embarrassment at their parents’ – okay, their father’s – actions can.

It’s only a few short months since she was struggling to complete her first cartwheel. Now she nails several in succession with near-perfect precision. It’s amazing to watch, particularly as someone whose own gymnastics repertoire only ever extended as far as ‘falling over gracelessly’. Thankfully, she doesn’t get her skills from me!

Kara and gymnastics represent that magical marriage of ability and enjoyment. She isn’t the best in her group but she loves what she’s doing and she gets such a kick out of showing off her latest skills.

I wonder which emoji she will emulate next? Knowing her, probably something like the rock-climber. I look forward to finding out.


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