The tale of the t-shirt

The tale behind the Beijing 2008 t-shirt

This is more than just a selfie of a fat bloke in a t-shirt. There’s a story that goes with it.

I was sorting through our wardrobe over the weekend and came across a pile of old clothes I’d forgotten even existed. I had stored them away the way you do with clothes where you optimistically think “one day I’ll lose some weight and I’ll be able to wear them again”.

The oldest item was a t-shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney, which I purchased on New Year’s Eve 2002. The 2008 Olympics top I’m wearing in the picture here isn’t quite as old but I purchased it in Beijing in October 2004. The label was still attached. I remembered it had been too tight a fit at the time, so I had never actually worn it. 14 years later, I pulled it on and realised it actually fitted me. Result!

I was delighted. I’ve written a number of times recently about my change of diet and successful weight loss. This has produced some tangible results already. I had to buy a new belt because I’d run out of notches. I’ve had to replace some of my work clothes with smaller-sized ones. And I can now stand in front of the mirror without producing a total eclipse of the sun.

But this was a lovely, tangible validation of my ongoing ‘Fat to Fit’ journey. It reminded me how I’m in better shape now than I have been for years. As I wrote in my goal-setting post, I’m only a few pounds away from the weight I was when I married Heather 22 years ago. Never mind 2004, I wonder if I have any clothes from 1997. My wedding suit must be around here somewhere …


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