Daddy’s Disney princess

Daddy's Disney princess

I don’t often have the luxury of a full day alone with Kara. So when the opportunity arose to take her to see Disney On Ice, I jumped at it.

Kara’s grandparents and uncle bought her a pair of tickets for Christmas to see the show at London’s O2 Arena. Heather had taken her to see Frozen On Ice previously, so it was definitely my turn. In truth, I was delighted. When you have three busy kids, one-to-one time is a rare and precious commodity. I rarely have more than an hour here and there with Kara. The prospect of a full day with her wasn’t something I was going to pass up.

So we set off, London-bound, after breakfast. She always appreciates the chance to sit up front in the car and choose the music we listen to without having to argue it out with the boys. Which meant the hour’s drive to the edge of London sped by with the pair of us singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack. And the hour-long Underground trip passed by in a blur of games and chatter.

We arrived at the O2 and had lunch before joining the long lines of Elsas, Snow Whites and Cinderellas to get into the show. Kara grew out of her Disney dress-up phase a while ago but she was pleased with the crown that came with her £10 – TEN pounds! – bag of cotton candy, though.

As the title suggests, Disney On Ice is, well, Disney … on ice. Skating routines to popular songs from across Disney’s catalogue of films, from Aladdin to Beauty and the Beast, with the biggest focus on Moana, The Little Mermaid and, of course, Frozen.

Kara was enchanted by the whole show. Like many of the other children around her, she happily belted out the songs, all the time hugging her new toy dog tightly. (At a cost of just 1½ bags of cotton candy, it felt like the bargain of the century.)

Daddy's Disney princess

She did nod off on the way home. After a long exciting day and in the post-sugar rush dip, that was probably inevitable. But we did manage a Moana medley in the car, which was a fitting end to a lovely day.

Daddy's Disney princess

Kara may not have worn the full Disney costume for the show but then she knows she doesn’t need a dress to be Daddy’s princess. Always has been; always will be. The Disney On Ice tickets were a present for her – but in reality they were a gift for me too. A day with my Disney princess is a day well spent.


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