Tirol Geniessen: an off-licence with a difference

Tirol Geniessen

When you’re on holiday, sometimes the best moments come when you stumble upon something unexpected.

Our big European road trip this summer took us to Innsbruck for three days. We ticked off all the sights we had on our agenda. Mountain-top views. Eating cake. (Like their German neighbours, the Austrians can seriously do cake.) The Golden Roof (so-called because, well, it’s a building with a golden roof). The Swarovski shop. (Crystal-encrusted Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet for €7,500, anyone?)

Tick. Tick. And tick.

We had just spilled out of a particularly fine cake shop in the Old Town when we stumbled upon an attractive store-front, beyond which we could make out various brightly coloured vessels of liquid.

Tirol Geniessen, it was called. We ventured inside.

It turned out to be a rather smart, upmarket off-licence. An entire wall was taken up, floor to ceiling, with rows of giant optics, each containing a different coloured, hand-made flavoured liqueur.

Of course, we had to try a sample. Or two. Or five. Hic.

It was all rather splendid. Try a few flavours. Find some you like. Select bottles from the range of assorted shapes and sizes displayed on the opposite wall. And the friendly shop staff will then fill and seal your bottles and relieve you of copious amounts of cash. Job’s a good ‘un.

Tirol Geniessen

A happy accident with a happy outcome: an off-licence with a difference, indeed. It’s a far cry from Oddbins, I can tell you. If you’re ever in Innsbruck, look it up.

Nearly two weeks after we got home, we’re still waiting for the right occasion to crack open our fetching wavy bottles. It’s a treat to be savoured, one that will bring back good memories of our summer holiday.

But I wonder if they export to the UK? Now that would really make my day …


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