Sporty Spice and the three Mos

Kara football quarterback sporty

If Kara was one of the Spice Girls, she would have to be Sporty.

Isaac is willing and determined but hand-eye co-ordination isn’t one of his natural strengths. Toby, I think, actually possesses some ability but has the staying power and self-motivation of Mr Lazy on a hot, sunny bank holiday weekend, so we may never know for sure. (This week he managed to quit his introductory tennis lessons, having lasted all of two sessions. He has a habit of doing things like this.)

Our daughter, however, is a different kettle of fish altogether. She assumes she can do anything her older brothers can do – and she’s usually right. A gymnast’s strength and body control help make her far superior to the boys when it comes to sports.

If our long-limbed Isaac is more suited to being a runner in the mould of Mo Farah, then Kara has the potential to be a footballer in the style of Mo Salah. (Toby, I suspect, will turn out more like Mo Mowlam in terms of sporting achievement.)

Or perhaps Kara will be more of a Joe Montana (the San Francisco 49ers’ four-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback) to her brothers’ Average Joes.

On Bank Holiday Monday, we and about eleventy billion other people ventured out to a park in Abingdon. We brought with us a picnic lunch and a bag of balls. Of course, it was Kara who picked up a mini Aussie Rules football to show off her throwing skills.

She’s a natural. Without instruction, she adopted a textbook throwing action and immediately started throwing hard and straight. I’d say I was impressed but to be honest it’s no more than I’d expect from our little Sporty Spice.

Maybe one day she’ll become the first female quarterback in the NFL. I wouldn’t put it past her.

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