My Sunday Photo: Oxford memories and Burger Girl

I remember a children’s story called Burger Boy. It’s about a boy who liked burgers so much that he became one. This photo of Kara – which I’ve dubbed ‘Burger Girl’ – reminded me of the book. I can’t think why!

We’ve had Heather’s aunt and uncle from Canada staying with us this week. They’ve visited the UK a few times before so we haven’t been in a rush to do lots of touristy stuff, especially given the wet weather. So on Good Friday we ventured up to Oxford for what I can only describe as a good mooch.

Heather and I love Oxford. I lived there for the vast majority of a 12-year period between 1989 and 2001 and we would both love to live there again one day.

Oxford is my idea of a Goldilocks city: not too big, not too small but just the right size. It has a lovely ‘town-and-gown’ vibe that changes like the seasons. Studenty during term-time. Towny during the holidays. Touristy in summer. There’s an eclectic mix of the old and the new, from 13th century colleges to a completely rebuilt central shopping centre, Westgate, that reopened late last year.

The best thing about the Westgate is its range of eateries, from its rooftop terrace which only includes a couple of major chains to Westgate Social, a food court offering a range of street food from around the world. I tucked into a delicious Indian wrap. Toby was happy with his fish and chips. And Kara opted for a tasty-looking burger/brioche bun combo, resulting in this photo. It was funny: a small but memorable moment in a good day out.

I have so many good memories of Oxford. It was where Heather and I met. I played American football; we both played korfball. I spent the whole of my twenties in and around Oxford, so many of our longest-standing friendships were made in the city. We bought our first car together here; our first house too. Two of our closest friends were married in the chapel of our former college (and by another friend’s father, no less).

These are just a few of the past memories that explain why we would both like to return to Oxford. But little moments like ‘Burger Girl’ in the present make our bond with the city that little bit stronger too.

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