My Sunday Photo: Petronas Twin Towers by day and night

We have had five fabulous days in Malaysia this week on our way home from Australia.

It has been nearly ten years – far too long – since we last visited my relatives here. Isaac was just four months old and Toby and Kara weren’t even in our plans at that point.

In addition to seeing my family, experiencing Chinese New Year was high on our agenda. But we also wanted to show the children some of the sights. Malaysia has changed enormously over the past 30-40 years and its most famous landmark is the Petronas Twin Towers. At 452 metres, it was the tallest building in the world between 1998 and 2004. It remains the highest twin tower structure today. I think it’s rather beautiful in a way that few skyscrapers are.

Anyhow, on our first evening in Malaysia we booked a table at the revolving restaurant at the nearby Kuala Lumpur Tower. At 421 metres, it’s no dwarf either and offers the best view of the Twin Towers. We had timed our booking to allow us to see night fall over KL. This gave me an opportunity to grab photos of the towers from the same spot both an hour before and half an hour after sunset.

I’m not sure which view I prefer. They’re both pretty spectacular, really. It capped off an evening to remember. Great meal, great view, great memories.

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