My Sunday Photo: The sound of music at Christmas

Kara Christmas 2017 headphones music

Never mind the hills being alive with the sound of music. Our house has been alive with song during this Christmas holiday.

Kara has been even more vivacious and irrepressible than usual over the past week or so. Never a shrinking violet, she has filled our home with noise and laughter (and occasional diva strops) throughout Christmas.

This was a rare instance when I caught her in a moment of repose wearing her new cat-eared headphones. (Aren’t they just the cutest thing ever?) But even here she was quietly singing along to music. I forget what exactly. Probably something from the musical Hamilton, which has dominated our December in place of more traditional Christmas music. As you do.

It’s not just Kara though. All three kids have spent lots of time over this holiday singing either individually or together. It’s been lovely to listen to. Okay, they aren’t the most tuneful trio everΒ – they get their lack of pitch from me – but they always sing with gusto and a pleasing lack of inhibition.

Every year, Christmas is memorable for different reasons. The sound of singing is the one memory from this year that will stay with me when all the smaller details have been forgotten. As mementos go, I’m pretty happy with that.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone! As the Christmas season draws to a close, what will your strongest memory of the holiday be?

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