My 2017 in review, Instagram-style

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what are nine worth in terms of summing up a year?

It’s that time of year when Instagram users start posting those three-by-three grids made up of their best photos of the year. Sites such as will quickly generate a mosaic of your nine most liked photos. These can be saved and shared at the touch of a button.

I guess it’s a little self-indulgent but it’s an interesting way of producing a quick overview of a year and seeing which images your followers have engaged with the most. So here is my set of nine – my 2017 in review via the medium of Instagram.

Top left: Who doesn’t love a wedding photo? It was our 20th anniversary this year – showing my age! – and this is my favourite photo of a much younger, much thinner couple who bear an uncanny resemblance to Heather and me.

Top middle: Leapfrogging a two-year-old Isaac on the beach at Minehead. This was an archive photo from our first trip to Butlins in 2010. We’ve been back to the Minehead or Bognor Regis camps every year since, including this October half-term.

Top right: A coastal sunset from the caravan park just outside Weymouth where we stayed during the Easter holidays. I took this on our first evening there after popping out for a walk around the site and was rewarded with this view. Right place, right time.

Middle left: From the same holiday, newly repainted beach huts along the beach-front at Weymouth. So quintessentially British.

Centre: Moving on to our 2Ā½-week European grand tour over the summer holidays. This was a refuelling stop on our way down from the revolving restaurant Piz Gloria, which sits atop theĀ Schilthorn in the Swiss Alps. It turned 50 this year and was made famous as the location of Blofeld’s lair in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This view is part-way down the mountain and looks out over the Eiger.

Middle right: En route to London for the launch of Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum’s second book, The Unmumsy Mum Diaries. Sarah gave birth to her third son this week. Congratulations!

Bottom left: Another one from our week in Weymouth. The kids getting up close and personal with the Olympic rings at Portland Bill. This overlooks the site of the yachting events at the 2012 Games.

Bottom middle: A breathtaking Alpine view from the public outdoor swimming pools at Interlaken in Switzerland. No one was brave enough to dive off the ten-metre platform, though!

Bottom right: Isaac turned ten earlier this month. This photo was from the middle of the year, at which point he was about 3cm shorter than his Grandma. They’re almost exactly the same height now.

That’s a pretty decent and representative summary of our 2017, I think. What are your best or most popular photos from this year?

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