My Sunday Photo: And so the run-up to Christmas begins

We have a rule in our house that we do not start putting up Christmas decorations until it is December.

The kids have been champing at the bit for the past week to start on preparations for the festive season. This resulted in Toby helping me bring down all our decorations from the loft earlier in the week.

But as November turned to December on Friday, the kids wasted no time making a start. Now, most mornings they have to be stopped from bickering. However, on this occasion all three of them leapt out of bed before 6am without a hint of an argument.

By the time I came downstairs at 6:30, they were all beavering away industriously cutting out and assembling paper chains, stars, snowflakes and other hand-made decorations.

And when I returned home from work later that day, I found the fruits of their labour adorning our living room, dining room, hallway and staircase. It was as if they had set up a Christmas decoration factory in our house.

If they’re this excited now, by Christmas Eve they will be bouncing off the walls. They are already asking where the Christmas CDs are. (I think Heather has hidden them for the sake of her sanity.)

It’s quite sweet, really. It’s hard not to enter into the Christmas spirit ourselves when the kids are so wholeheartedly engaged themselves. And I guess that’s no bad thing, really.

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