My Sunday Photo: Mud, glorious mud

It isn’t just Peppa Pig who likes to jump up and down in muddy puddles.

Although our washing machine may never be the same again, after our kids went full-on Tough Mudder and spent an afternoon running around, jumping and generally wallowing in mud.

Actually, these photos are four weeks old now and they weren’t taken by me but by a friend of ours. Indeed I wasn’t even there to witness our kids’ glee, as I was on my way back from BritMums’ BML conference in London.

I did see them when they returned home, though. They were, not surprisingly, exhausted but I have rarely seen all three children beaming from ear to ear quite as much as they did then.

I wrote earlier this week about how life is all about experiences. I don’t think this is one experience any of them will forget in a hurry. If you can’t do this sort of thing when you’re a kid, when can you, right?

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