My Sunday Photo: Dancing cat

I can’t say I’m surprised but Kara is thoroughly enjoying dance classes.

Last week my Sunday photo focussed on Isaac’s first foray into dancing lessons. This week it’s Kara, who took her second class this weekend, complete with a new cat dress.

Our girl loves to dance. She has all the flourishes (that’s her gymnastics training coming to the fore) and skirt-twirling showiness that lend themselves to the Latin dances. With a little training in the basic steps, she will tear up the paso doble and salsa one day soon. (I’ve watched Strictly, so you can consider me an expert now.)

Even in the space of two 30-minute classes, I can already see tangible progress. Last week she was – unusually for her – a little shy and hesitant at first and she struggled a little picking up some of the steps. This week, though, she settled in much faster and had obviously remembered a decent proportion of what she learned last week.

When the lesson finished, I asked her whether she wanted to come back next week. She screwed up her nose, glared at me and declared, “Of course I’m coming back next week. I love it!” as if I had just asked the stupidest question in the world.

And maybe I had. Kara’s emotions are never far from the surface and throughout the lesson I could see her expression alternating between intense concentration and beaming joy whenever she executed a sequence correctly. It’s obvious how much she enjoyed it.

You can’t ask for much more as a parent, for a child to try something new, display some degree of natural ability and to enjoy it. It means Saturdays now are even busier for us and her – dance class in the morning, gym squad training in the afternoon – but as long as she keeps enjoying it, it’s a small price to pay.

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