My Sunday Photo: Every rose has its thorn

It would be too easy to say that the relationship between Kara and her brothers is like a rose between two thorns.

Yes, Kara is in many ways a typical Daddy’s Little Princess. She loves all things pink, dressing up, cuddles, cats andΒ Frozen. But she’s also sporty and feisty and, occasionally, downright violent. At turns she is both a girly girl and a tomboy, as her mood takes her.

She simultaneously has both the sunniest and the spikiest personality of our three kids. Her smile lights up a room and her scowl can make the bluest, clearest sky seem black and thunderous. Some days she’s fiercely determined, on others she’s stubbornly headstrong.

I wouldn’t have her any other way, though. It’s the textures in her personality that make her interesting and unique. She may be a rose most of the time but beware the thorns.

Which is all the excuse I need to roll out this slice of 80s rock ballad memorabilia, courtesy of glam metal rockers Poison …

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