And the award goes to …

School’s out for summer – but not before I was overcome with a bad case of proudparentitis.

Isaac won a prize when he was in reception year. Toby too. So when Kara came home after school last Monday in a blur of energy and excitement, you could be forgiven for thinking she had just consumed her body weight in sugar, chased down by a gallon of espresso.

But no.

Despite being relatively young in her year – she was a May baby – she completed a family double hat-trick of sorts. She too was given an Outstanding Achievement award at the end of a year in which she has completely embraced the step up to school. And both Isaac and Toby also came home with prizes for maths and reading respectively, so they each had something to celebrate.

Where were our awards for Best Providers of Academic Genes, eh?

But that wasn’t the end of it. Kara was also awarded the Class Cup for … I’m not sure exactly what for but obviously it was for being rather good at something or other. I think it’s like winning the Hogwarts House Cup. Which is kind of appropriate. She may not have successfully levitated anyone or turned them into a frog but her behaviour can on occasion be distinctly witchy. There’s a part of me that wonders whether her receiving the Class Cup had as much to do with her, ahem, assertiveness as her achievements.

Anyhow, it’s lovely that all three of them shared in the joy of winning prizes at the end of Kara’s first year, just as it was great when both boys won prizes at the end of Toby’s first year.

Isaac continues to be a consistent high achiever. But it was great to see Toby bounce back after his stubborn streak made him his own worst enemy last year. And I suspect Kara may just turn out to be the brightest of the lot – she already has more street-smarts than both her brothers combined.

Just as importantly, though, all three of them have (for the most part, at least) enjoyed their school experience. Awards or no awards, it’s been a good year for all our children. Let’s see what next year brings.


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