My Sunday Photo: Say cheese!

For all their occasional sibling squabbles, it’s good to be reminded that our three children do get along pretty well most of the time.

When push comes to shove – and, believe me, there is definitely pushing and shoving at times – they have each other’s backs. Both Isaac and Toby are naturally protective of their little sister Kara – not that our feisty five-year-old needs any protection – and evenings and weekends often see them curled up together on the sofa with a giant bowl of popcorn and a movie. (Current favourites: Sing, Trolls and Moana – we’re in the middle of a big musical phase, following on from the two Pitch Perfect films which formed the soundtrack to their winter.)

So it came as little surprise the other morning to find Isaac and Kara snuggled up in bed together, all smiles.

As I’ve written on numerous occasions before, watching the closely knit dynamic between our three is a novel experience for both Heather and me. She was an only child, while there is a six-year gap between my brother and me – big enough to contribute to us never being close throughout childhood.

But when I see the camaraderie that exists between our kids, it never fails to bring a smile to my face. And, it seems, to theirs too.


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