My Sunday Photo: If a tree falls in a forest …

Some days I bounce out of bed and don’t have time to say much more than hello and goodbye to the kids. And some days something like this happens.

Unusually, on the morning I took this photo I wasn’t in a rush to get to the office because I was working at home for the day. Equally unusually, Kara hadn’t sneaked into our bed during the night.

So when she came bounding into our bedroom in one of her sunny moods and slid underneath the duvet next to me, I was more than happy to spend a little time with her. She snuggled up to me and talked non-stop for about five minutes – I swear she didn’t even pause for breath once – before leaning in and giving me a spontaneous kiss on the cheek.

Of course, being a blogger, I had to get her to do it again so I could capture a selfie, so the end result you see here is a little less spontaneous. After all, an event never happened if you don’t have a photo of it. And post it on Instagram. And write a blog post about it.

What’s that old philosophical conundrum? “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Well, photo or no photo, this happened. And it made my day.


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