My Sunday Photo: A-maze-ing

We took the children to Cliveden for the first time on Bank Holiday Monday and had a great day, despite the grey skies and occasional rain.

As puzzle lovers and experienced geocachers, they loved doing the murder mystery trail around the site’s extensive and rather lovely grounds. Located near Maidenhead, Cliveden is perched atop a hill overlooking the Thames with spectacular views in all directions.

They loved the maze too. From the outside it appears deceptively small. But once you have stepped into it and are confronted by its labyrinthine twists and turns, it’s no easy task finding your way to the middle.

Typically, big bro and little sis struck out on their own. As much as Isaac’s behaviour (he’s nine) is veering rapidly towards what I believe is technically termed ‘teen-aged strop monster’, he retains a close bond with Kara. With her, he’s considerate, thoughtful and protective – sometimes a little suffocating, but better that than indifferent, I suppose – and it came as little surprise when they emerged several minutes later with matching megawatt grins and jabbering away happily.

I could make a clichéd comment here about an older child helping a younger sibling navigate the maze of life but … oops, too late. Suffice to say it’s lovely to see. Cliveden is a beautiful place full of beautiful sights – but this was the most lovely of all that day.


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