My Sunday Photo: A window on the world

Curtain-twitchers of the world unite!

I have always been fascinated by windows, particularly older examples such as this one that belonged to a house looking out over Weymouth harbour, which I spotted while we were there over the Easter holidays.

There’s something about an aged façade that speaks of having observed many lifetimes’ worth of stories. From behind those curtains, might the owner of the house have seen the comings and goings of cargo vessels both legal and otherwise? Men being press-ganged into service or murdered for a few gold coins? What conversations might have been overheard?

And what about the events that occurred behind the window? Child-births? Deaths? Celebrations? Secrets? Would it reveal the stories of generations of one family or an itinerant series of unrelated occupants?

Every window potentially tells a thousand stories. It’s up to your own imagination exactly what those stories are.


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