My Sunday Photo: Red sky at night

As much as I enjoy our family holidays, the best moment of our getaway to Weymouth this week was a solitary one.

It’s not that we didn’t have a good time. We did. The kids enjoyed all the trappings of a British seaside holiday: a cramped (but surprisingly well-appointed) holiday park caravan, temperatures that constantly hovered between shall-we-take-our-jumpers-off and where-did-I-put-my-Arctic-gear, amusement arcades, fish suppers and daily ice creams. Watching the kids enjoy it all is entertainment enough in itself for us as parents (that and the plentiful supply of wine and Prosecco Heather brought with us).

In between all that, I squeezed in some evening walks. Nothing too ambitious – just a wander around the caravan park and out to the South West Coast Path that adjoins it. Half an hour of blissful solitude with just me and my thoughts (and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and …)

It was as I ventured a little way along the coastal path that I caught this vivid sunset. As theย moon broke through the dramatic black clouds over the setting sun, I was treated to a view that was mine and mine alone – a small reward for venturing out on a chilly spring evening.

Red sky at night, indeed.


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