My Sunday Photo: I ain’t afraid of no ghost

No, hang on, that’s Ghostbusters, isn’t it? I meant Pac-Man …

Viewers of the current series of Top Gear will recognise the inspiration for this week’s photo. A couple of weeks ago the presenters built a giant maze out of shipping containers and recreated a game of Pac-Man using city cars. That in itself echoed a scene from the 2015 film Pixels where … oh, never mind.

The point is that Isaac and Toby sought to faithfully recreate the game using building blocks and yellow (Pac-Man, naturally), red and blue replica models (ghosts) rather than cargo containers and city cars. They filled the maze with individual coloured dots which they drew and cut up, topped off with power pellets, of course.

They then challenged me to a game. Funnily enough, regardless of whether I played the role of Pac-Man or one of the ghosts, I always seemed to lose. Funny that.

Anyhow, I love it when the boys get all creative like this. Between Isaac’s practical mind and Toby’s creativity, the pair of them keep building the most amazing worlds and constructions, whether it is in the digital world of Minecraft or in a more traditional analogue fashion.

I’m not playing them again at their car version of Pac-Man until I’ve found the cheat codes, though.


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