My Sunday Photo: Here comes the sun

The clocks went forward. The sun came out. And the barbecue was fired up.

Not ours, at least not yet. But to celebrate both Mother’s Day and an upturn in the weather last Sunday, our next-door neighbours eschewed the traditional roast for burgers and sausages and cooked for all of us. The adults cracked open the beers while the kids played out in front of our houses, tearing up and down the road on their pedal go-karts with a wanton disregard for the Highway Code. (One of the joys of living at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac.)

Our kids wasted no time breaking out their shorts, sun hats and shades. They know enough about the British climate to appreciateย that they have to enjoy the good weather while they can, even if it was the first day of British Summer Time. Toby looked particularly at ease, as did Kara.

It’s funny how a change in the weather suddenly lifts the mood and puts a smile on everyone’s faces, isn’t it? Here’s hoping the sunshine and the smiles last all the way through summer.


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