My Sunday Photo: Like father, like son

Much like his old man, Isaac loves his technology but always has a notebook to hand too.

While most of my writing and note-taking is done on a computer or phone these days, there’s still something immensely satisfying about jotting in a notebook. Writing by hand is an altogether more personal experience. It’s like making music by playing an instrument versus using computers and a mixing board: it’s more tactile, more immersive, more real somehow.

And where better to sit and write than in your local coffee shop while enjoying a babyccino and watching the world go by? Living the cliché, eh?

It’s something I like to do too when I’m travelling and have a little time to kill. Many a blog post has been born on the pages of my trusty Moleskine notebook while sipping a coffee at Paddington or in an airport lounge at Heathrow.

Like father, like son.


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