My Sunday Photo: Hurricane Kara

Okay, I admit it, the title of this post is a little misleading. Kara is something of a force of nature but this week’s photo is more to do with her current interest in the weather forecast – or ‘weathercast’ as she calls it.

Kara is a frequent visitor to our bed in the middle of the night and in recent days she has developed a tendency to wake us up in the morning having grabbed Heather’s phone from her side of the bed and brought up the weather app. She will then proceed to inform her sleepy-eyed parents that the forecast for the day is sunny, cloudy or biblically, apocalyptically, get-the-animals-into-the-ark-pronto wet.

While this information is of some practical use, I’m hoping that she might instead develop an interest in a traffic news app so she can warn me if I’m facing the prospect of long queues on the M4 on my way in to work.

Even so it’s all rather cute – and looking everything up on an iPhone is a long way from the weather forecasts of my childhood when the likes of Michael Fish used to stand in front of a giant map of the UK pointing at adhesive weather symbols that regularly fell off the board. Anyone else remember those days? No? Just me?

If all else fails, at least Kara will have a career as a weather girl to fall back on, I suppose.


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