My Sunday Photo: Dear Mum …

Like both her brothers, Kara is rather fond of writing.

It’s not that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind – quite the opposite in fact – but Kara likes to put her feelings into writing too. So when I came downstairs yesterday morning to find her sitting at the dining table concentrating on writing a letter to her mother, I wasn’t that surprised.

Often Kara and her brothers will produce their own handwritten cards for birthdays and other special days or just to express their love. On this occasion, she was aggrieved about something or other and had decided to put it in writing – I’m half expecting a lawsuit to follow in the post.

Nonetheless, her writing has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few weeks and I had to admire the care she was taking in inserting finger-spaces between each word.

She’ll be starting her own blog soon …


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