My Sunday Photo: The master builder

His name may be Toby rather than Bob – but he’s definitely a builder.

I often describe Toby’s elder brother Isaac as the engineer or architect of the family. He’s all about precision and rules – he builds from experience and templates rather than imagination and vision.

Toby? Give him a Lego set and he will throw away the instructions and just build whatever his mind conjures up. I’ve lost count of the number of times he has grabbed a variety of items from around the house and constructed something magical from them. He just has that ability to visualise an idea and then bring it to life. More Wyldstyle than Emmet, in Lego Movie terms.

Even when ensconced with his friends in a soft play area at his birthday party last Sunday, he just had to build something. He gathered up all the soft blocks in the ball pit and erectedย himself a little den.ย The huge smile on his face says it all – he’s never happier than when he’s using his hands to create something new. I love that about him.


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