My Sunday Photo: Thatcham’s Next Top Model?

If the producers of America’s Next Top Model ever want to make a lower-rent version of their show in West Berkshire, I have the ideal candidate for them.

Unlike her father, whose only chance of a modelling job is as a stand-in for Goldfinger‘s Oddjob and who much prefers being behind the camera, Kara is a natural in front of it. She has the poise, the confidence, the smile and the pout for it. (Oh boy, does she have the pout.)

She has even perfected her clothing catalogue-ready poses.

I love the way she lights up whenever I point a camera in her direction. When she’s in the mood for it, she will happily pose for shot after shot until we have one that we’re both happy with. The selfie generation, eh?

Next week: the mannequin challenge …


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