My Sunday Photo: The joy of reading

I’ve written several times previously about our kids’ love of reading and published many photos of them enjoying bedtime stories, but it’s not often I have captured the moment as perfectly as this.

This photo of Kara was taken after the children’s first day back at school this week. It had been a tiring day and the kids were tetchy. Kara had grumped her way through her evening ablutions even more than usual – my God, that girl can pout! – and was doing a passable impersonation of the Hulk after he has just stepped on a Lego brick in the middle of the night.

But when I finally convinced her to select a book and climb into bed with it, her face suddenly lit up and we had ten wonderful minutes reading together and talking about her book.

I grew up surrounded by books. I was that bookworm in school who loved to read and was lucky enough to have parents who were all too willing to feed my habit. My wife is similar. It’s a delight that all three of our kids love to read and be read to, doubly so when that passion is as obvious as it is in this shot.


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