My Sunday Photo: Daddy, why are you upside down?

Kara has been going to a gym class on Saturday mornings for a few months now.

While the early indications are that we are unlikely to have the next Beth Tweddle on our hands, she’s pretty competent, she attacks everything with her usual enthusiasm – that is to say head-on at about 200mph – and she’s proud of the progress she’s making.

So am I. Parents are generally asked to wait outside during the class – sad blogger type that I am, it’s become a personal golden hour for me to catch up on my social media backlog – but last week we were invited in to watch the last 15 minutes close up.

Of course, Kara being Kara, the moment she saw me her face lit up and she wanted to show off everything she could do, hanging off the lower asymmetric bar with freakish ease and performing rolls and other moves.

She shows off when she’s not in class too. The headstand above was to show her grandparents what she has been learning.

Her enthusiasm is infectious. The boys both did a trial class themselves this week and both stated a desire to sign up. It won’t be long until we have our own little gym team – if they’re not too busy training for Strictly, that is.


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