My Sunday Photo: Daddy cuddles

Sometimes a cuddle makes the world a better place, right?

Most nights, Kara has a habit of sneaking into our bed and snuggling up between the two of us. Like Isaac – and totally unlike Toby – she is a tactile child whose first instinct when distressed is to reach out for a cuddle.

Two minutes before this photo was taken, she had been in floods of tears. I’m not sure exactly why. She had woken up tired and was in one of those moods where it didn’t take anything much – or, indeed, anything at all – to upset her. But a quick daddy cuddle was all it took to calm her down and return a smile to her face.

If only all our grown-up problems were so easily solved, eh?

There will come a time when a little girl’s tears can’t be smoothed over with a cuddle from her dad. While it lasts, though, I’ll happily take these small wins.


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