My Sunday Photo: Three of a kind

Year four. Year two. Reception. We now have the hat-trick.

Over the past four years there has been a pleasing pattern to our Septembers. 2012: Isaac started school. 2014: Toby started school. 2016: Kara started school.

That means we now have three years to look forward to without the logistics of having to juggle both school and preschool drop-offs and pick-ups. Bliss!

Although the boys returned at the beginning of last week, we had to wait until this Wednesday for Kara to finally join them. In the interim period, she and her mother enjoyed some mother/daughter time before she finally made the step up. (I will admit to being quite jealous.)

I’ve never had any doubt that she was ready for the move. And sure enough she was. As soon as the boys went back, the anticipation and excitement visibly started to build. She didn’t need to be persuaded to pose and smile in her new school uniform. And she couldn’t have been prouder as all five of us walked/scooted down to school together for her first day.

She strode confidently in to her new classroom – and she never looked back.

Three days later she’s still a happy bunny.

She talks eagerly about her day. (The boys rarely offered more than “fine” when asked how their days went.)

She earned three stars for helpfulness and good behaviour. (Surely a case of mistaken identity? This is so not our bossy, strident daughter …)

And she’s still full of beans at the end of the day. (The boys both spent the whole of their first terms in a zombie-like state of perpetual barely-awakeness.)

She’s not such a little girl any more. But I am delighted to see that she has taken to school with such enthusiasm. Now let’s see if she’s still as keen at the end of term as she is at the beginning!

Kara first day of school


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