20 photos from our family trip to Paris

Two days were enough for our children to fall in love with Paris.

Having started our two-week summer holiday at Disneyland Paris (feel free to check out my photos and review/top tips), it seemed rude not to spend a couple of days in the capital itself, particularly given the boys’ obsession with both the Eiffel Tower and the Metro.

We opted to stay at a caravan camp-site in the eastern suburbs – nothing to write home about but perfect for our needs as it had an on-site laundrette, a small playground and easy access to the centre of Paris via bus and the RER suburban train network.

Two days isn’t even close to enough time to explore Paris properly. The city’s grand museums such as the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay went ignored. We didn’t take a boat cruise on the Seine. And we only stopped at the Arc de Triomphe and the Moulin Rouge long enough to take the obligatory tourist photos.

We did go to the Apple Store underneath the Louvre though, so that’s okay.

Our two days did give us enough time to tick the major boxes on our list: the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Coeur and Notre Dame, as well as enjoying the views across Paris from both Eiffel and the Montparnasse Tower. Not to mention many rides on the Metro to keep the boys happy.

There’s a slight feeling of unfinished business but, as a taster for kids who we had worn out by frogmarching them around Disneyland for the previous four days, it was enough. They loved the adventure and the vibe of the city and I have no doubt we’ll be back one day.

Here are 20 photos that offer a representative view of our whistle-stop tour of the French capital.

Not exactly Blackpool Tower


Le Métro

Sacré Coeur

Toby’s first, utterly matter-of-fact comment: “It’s not as big as Notre Dame, is it?”


Paris Arc de Triomphe

Paris Moulin Rouge

The Arc de Triomphe, obviously – but did you know it’s also the world’s oldest roundabout? Moulin Rouge. Notre Dame cathedral. And the Montparnasse Tower.



Clockwise from top left: View across Paris towards the Eiffel Tower from the Montparnasse Tower. On the Metro. Votive candles at Notre Dame. Toby and Isaac engrossed in the Apple Store. Trying out my new selfie stick with Isaac (an early birthday present from the kids). One tired girl.


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