Meet the Parents podcast: What we talked about in July

The Meet the Parents podcast team and I are taking a break during August but here’s a reminder of what we talked about in July: everything ranging from teaching our kids about the world to growing old (dis)gracefully.

Here’s a brief overview of and links to the month’s five episodes. We’ll be back at the start of September.

Episode 21: #BML16 review

Vicky and I look back on our weekend at #BML16 (the conference formerly known as BritMums Live).

Episode 21: #BML16 review

Episode 22: The power of blogs and social media

Special guest Emma from Island Living 365 and I compare notes from a small island and discuss the power of blogs and social media.

Episode 22: The power of blogs and social media

Episode 23: Parenting qualifications and growing old gracefully

Hannah, Hayley and I talk about the pros and cons of parenting courses and the delights of growing old (dis)gracefully.

Episode 23: Parenting qualifications and growing old gracefully

Episode 24: Bucket lists

Vicky and I talk about bucket lists, and I talk about my appearance on the radio.

Episode 24: Bucket lists

Episode 25: Discovering the big wide world

Dave and I discuss teaching our kids about the world and our relationships with music.

Episode 25: Discovering the big wide world

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