My Sunday Photo: The next James May?

If Top Gear ever need a replacement for James ‘Captain Slow’ May, they could do worse than Isaac.

It’s partly in his nature and it’s partly due to him being the oldest of three but Isaac has always been the most cautious and responsible of our children. I have said in the past that he is at his most comfortable in a hi-vis jacket and hard hat, and with a clipboard in one hand and a roll of red-and-white tape in the other with which to cordon off a danger zone.

I’m joking, of course. He would be holding an iPad rather than a clipboard.

So I was a little surprised – but more than a little pleased – when he jumped at the opportunity to try his hand at go-karting when we visited the Beaulieu National Motor Museum this week.

Having watched a succession of kids before him come flying off the track, he was a little heavy on the brake pedal in his determination to stay out of the barriers. Completely understandable given this was his first proper driving experience and his cautious nature, I think.

But he gradually grew in confidence and by the end of his session, while no one would have mistaken him for Lewis Hamilton, he was noticeably quicker (well, less slow). I was still proud of him. He was the youngest child I saw try out the karts and when he finished he was grinning enthusiastically from ear to ear. A success.

I wonder what he’ll try next?


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