My Sunday Photo: When Toby built Stonehenge

Jenga blocks Stonehenge

I always say that Toby is the creative one among our three children.

He wandered into the dining room yesterday morning, constructed a Jenga-brick replica of Stonehenge and wandered out again.

So creative. So quiet. So Toby.

He doesn’t make a big fuss over his creations. Often he won’t demand the opportunity to show off his work. He takes satisfaction in the knowledge that he knows he has done something rather than always needing to show it off to the world. But when you do engage him and tell him how impressed you are with his creative skills, you can see how proud he is from his beaming smile and the way he will then open up and tell you all about it at great length and in incredible detail.

As I’ve observedย previously, Toby is markedly different to his two siblings. He spends much of his time happily absorbed in his own little world – like me, he’s a strong introvert – but when he does open up a little window for you to peer into his imagination, it’s a fascinating insight into what goes on inside that quiet but highly active brain of his.

Interacting with Toby is a bit like trying to take a shower under a fire-hose. You either get nothing or you get deluged.

But I always love to see what he comes up with. I wonder what it will be next. A Meccano Golden Gate Bridge or a Lego Sagrada Familia, maybe?


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