Spoof parenting adverts: An alternative referendum and GCSE

Here is my latest selection of spoof parenting radio adverts.

The latest creations offer alternative versions of the EU referendum and parenting courses, as well as a dads’ reworking of the musical movie Pitch Perfect.


Father’s Day

Still struggling to work out what to buy for Father’s Day? Then why not give the man in your life a day pass to do a barbecue, drink beer and watch the football at Euro 2016?

You’ll earn Brownie points to cash in at a future date, and if you’re lucky he won’t realise that’s what he was intending to do anyway.

This advert wasn’t brought to you by official Euro 2016 sponsors such as Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Hisense and SOCAR – who the hell are those last two anyway? – but they might as well have been.

CBeebies referendum

If the EU referendum wasn’t enough for you, on Thursday June 30th comes a vote even more important, even more controversial and even more confrontational: the CBeebies referendum. Should the popular children’s TV channel Leave or Remain as part of the BBC?

Watch as Justin Fletcher and Andy Day go head-to-head in a live, televised debate. Is Everything Rosie in the CBeebies Night Garden? Do we need Mister Maker to I Can Cook up some unsubstantiated statistics? Get Squiggling on your ballot papers and Show Me Show Me your votes now.

The CBeebies referendum is neither associated with nor recognised by the BBC.

Pitch Imperfect: The Beer Garden Bellas

First there was Thatchamdad and his solo singing performance at BML. Now, from the makers of Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 come the latest a capella singing sensations as the Barden Bellas make way for the Beer Garden Fellas in 2016’s surprise summer smash hit, Pitch Imperfect: This Time They’re Not In Tune.

Listen in horror as these fellows murder classic song after classic song with their discordant caterwauling. From Pretty in Pink to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, no song is safe when these guys take the stage.

Showing in no cinemas now. Warning: Bring ear defenders.

Alternative parenting GCSE

You’ve attended the NHS and NCT ante-natal classes. But now the baby’s born it’s time to take the alternative parenting GCSE.

Learn vital parenting skills such as how to win the battle to watch football rather than Frozen on TV. Or how to change a nappy with a glass of wine in one hand. Or how not to kill your other half when they stroll in the door declaring how hard a day they’ve had at the office when you’ve spent your entire day chasing the little buggers all over the house.

The GCSE in Alternative Parenting is operated by the following examination boards: LOL, OMG and FFS.

If you have any ideas for future adverts, I’d love to hear them! Who knows, they might appear on a future podcast recording …

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