My Sunday Photo: Geeky Geekusson

Isaac likes his technology and he likes to play around with words. I wonder who he got that from?

I came home yesterday morning afterย Toby and Kara’s swimming lesson to find Isaac beavering away on PowerPoint. He was busy mocking up a ‘My Family’ website complete with a home page and internal hyperlinks to individual pages where he was composing paragraphs for each of the five members of our family.

Mine read:

My dad is a computer genius. He makes a blog called Slouching Towards Thatcham and with his friends makes podcasts called Meet The Parents Podcast. Tim likes walking into town and spending time with his children.

And I didn’t even have to pay him to write that!

I assumed this was some kind of homework project for school but when I asked him he replied that he was doing it simply because he wanted to do it and he thought it would be fun.

Like father, like son. I am by my own admission a bit – okay, a lot – of a geek and, as a blogger, obviously words are my weapon of choice. So, to adopt the Scandinavian naming convention, that must make him Geeky Geekusson, right?

I suppose there are many worse things he could be. I’m proud of who he is already. And I can’t wait to see what he will become when he grows up. Whatever that turns out to be, I hope he’ll always find the words to express how he feels about his dad.


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