My Sunday Photo: Dr Evil drives a BMW

Toby does a mean impersonation of Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films.

It has become something of a tradition for me to take a day off every half-term to take Isaac and Toby somewhere new for a big day out. For spring half-term we went to the British Motor Museum. This time we headed in to London for the day.

Heather had come up with the idea of taking our Top Gear-loving car-mad obsessives to visit the big car dealerships on Park Lane. And so that’s exactly where we headed. Between the BMW and Mini showrooms, they spent a happy hour and a half climbing in and out of cars ranging from everyday BMW 1-series to Mini convertibles and BMW’s gull-winged hybrid supercar, the i8. (Incidentally, if anyone has a spare £100,000 knocking about, feel free to buy me one for my birthday …)

Toby has a thing for convertibles, whether Mini or BMW. He spent ages sitting in this particular one (a BMW 2-series, I think), very much taken by the red leather seats and the opportunity to play around with the sat-nav and iDrive systems. (Boys and toys, you know how it is.)

I’m just not sure where the Dr Evil finger-to-mouth impersonation originates from. To be fair, he does have a particularly evil cackle too. He’ll be wanting a white cat and his head shaved next …

(Sincere thanks to the smiling and patient sales staff at both BMW and Mini Park Lane for humouring two polite but overexcited boys, and for plying them with drinks and biscuits too. You have two budding customers for life.)


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