Spoof parenting adverts: Dadgets and gadgets

Here are four more spoof radio adverts for products and events that don’t exist but really ought to, ranging from live shows and TV programmes to reading material.


Dadget Show Live

Dadget Show Live is the ultimate gadget event for dads.

This year’s featured products include the Universal Ikea Translator, which makes any flat-pack furniture instructions understandable to anyone lacking a PhD in Civil Engineering. The Psychic Receiver allows any man to read commands directly from their partner’s mind, even if all they’ve done is to think them without actually telling you. And finally the Automated Clothes Picker-Upper is statistically proven to reduce marital aggravation by at least 37%.

Buy your ticket now!

1001 parenting excuses

For all those times when your children ask “Why-yyyy?” and you don’t have an answer, the 1001 Parenting Excuses app is for you. From “Why do I have to wear clothes?” to “Can I have just Smarties for tea?” to “Will you buy me a Ferrari for Christmas?”, an appropriate response is always within arm’s reach.

Not available on iTunes or in the Google Play Store.

Tot Gear

CBeebies is proud to bring you a brand-new motoring show for toddlers: Tot Gear.

Like Top Gear but with more grown-up presenters, fewer tantrums and including new features such as Child in a Reasonably Priced Little Tikes Car and My Dad’s Car’s Better  Than Your Dad’s Car. Set your Sky box or PVR to series link now!

iPad Analogue

First there was the original iPad. Then came the iPad Mini, the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. Now Apple are pleased to announce the latest addition to their iPad range: the iPad Analogue.

Colloquially known as the Beats Our Old Kindle – or ‘Book’ for short – the iPad Analogue boasts a lightweight paper-based design and infinite battery life. It requires only external lighting and a willingness to turn pages by hand – no need to swipe left here! Software is available in both hardback and paperback form – and at an affordable price too. Get yours now!

Not available from the Apple store.

If you have any ideas for future adverts, I’d love to hear them! Who knows, they might appear on a future podcast recording …

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