Meet the Parents podcast: What we talked about in April

April on the Meet the Parents podcast ranged from raw emotion to roaring with laughter as we introduced our latest member of the team.

We welcomed John from DadblogUK for his first episode, as we covered everything from unsuccessful egg implantation to talking about how to distract our kids while on the toilet.

Here’s a quick overview and links to April’s four episodes.

Episode 9: Sharing

Mark shares how his teenage son feels about being blogged about, while Vicky shares some sad news.

Episode 9: Sharing

Episode 10: Techie kids

Amie, John and I talk about our own and our kids’ relationships with technology, Isaac, Toby and I spend a day out at Gadget Show Live.

Episode 10: Techie kids

Episode 11: Model dads

Dave, Mark and I compare notes on the examples we try to set as dads for our children, and mull over the lessons we have learned from our own fathers.

Episode 11: Model dads

Episode 12: Let’s talk about sex (and puberty)

Vicky, Dave and I share a parenting story each this week, talking about the differences between siblings, puberty and sex education and indulging in a little toilet humour. (You’ll never guess which one is Dave …)

Episode 12: Let’s talk about sex (and puberty)

Episode 13 of the Meet the Parents podcast will be published on Thursday.

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