My Sunday Photo: One chapter ends, another begins

At this moment, I am literally between jobs.

I walked away from an empty desk on Friday evening, leaving behind a job I was comfortable with and experienced at. Next week I will arrive at a new desk in a new job – in truth, my dream job – where I will be at the bottom of a steep learning curve peering up with a crick in my neck.

Terrified? A little. But mostly I’m excited. Sometimes we need to feel uncomfortable to really move forwards in life. Moving from primary to secondary school. Falling in love. Starting a family – a sensation which, as I’ve noted elsewhere, is remarkably similar to starting a new job.

Yes, it was sad to leave my old job. I liked the business. I liked the people. I (mostly) liked the work. But there are times in life when a bus pulls up alongside you and you have to decide whether or not you want to get on.

So on Tuesday morning I will turn right instead of left coming out of the lift and take on a new job with a new team and new challenges.

I can’t wait.

One chapter ends, another begins.

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