Spoof parenting adverts: Blogger awards season, Frozen and the alternative Night Garden

Here is my latest set of spoof parenting radio adverts, covering the BiB and MAD Awards and providing alternative slants on both Frozen and In the Night Garden.


Awards season

Nominations are now open for both the BiB and MAD parent blogging awards.

We here at the Meet the Parents podcast aren’t going to ask for your vote. (We so are.)

We’re just entering for the fun of taking part. (We really want to win.)

And we won’t send a large man with a baseball bat round to your house if you don’t vote for us. (He’ll have a sledgehammer instead.)

This advert has been brought to you by the Campaign for Honest and Authentic Voting for Blog Owners and YouTubers, or CHAV BOY for short. Thank you for listening. Now, in the immortal words of Bob Geldof, just give us your votes!

Parental advisory: Frozen

In response to complaints voiced by some parents after Watership Down was shown on TV over Easter, Disney have prepared the following parental advisory.

WARNING: The following film contains scenes which may traumatise your little ones. A child is seriously injured by their sibling. Two children are orphaned. A gigantic scary snow creature. Treachery! A palace coup! Apparent death!

Now sit back and enjoy today’s feature presentation: Frozen. And try not to get too upset, folks.

An alternative trailer for In The Night Garden

It’s the reality TV show the BBC should never have made.

The girl in the short skirt who feels the need to kiss everyone. The hard-up family forced to sleep ten to a single bedroom. The out-of-control airship where passengers are flung all over the cabin without anyone asking them to fasten their seatbelts. It’s a world filled with more dubious characters than Benefits Street. Welcome to the Night Garden.

This show is suitable for children aged one to six.

If you have any ideas for future adverts, I’d love to hear them! Who knows, they might appear on a future podcast recording …

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