My Sunday Photo: Losing their marbles

Sometimes a rainy day is exactly what you need.

After the glorious warmth and sunshine of Good Friday – perfect for doing an Easter egg hunt in Newbury – yesterday was grey, wet and windy. Cue a quiet day at home, during which we allowed the kids a little more screen time than usual but also dug into the vast collection of more traditional toys and games that are stashed away in the playroom.

While Heather was out enjoying a little me-time shopping, I left Isaac and Toby on their own in the playroom for an hour, until Isaac called me in to show off the world’s tallest marble run that they had been carefully constructing and testing. It wasn’t quite the Burj Khalifa but it was mighty impressive nonetheless.

As you can see, Toby is quite pleased with their effort. (He’s also without his trousers, or what in our household we refer to as ‘situation normal’. Boys, eh?)

And if you’re impressed with the boys’ marble run, just watch a bit of this. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe it …


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