My Sunday Photo: Catch!

As contradictory as it may seem, sometimes a still photo captures a dynamic moment better than a video ever could.

To conclude their half-term holiday, last Sunday we took the kids to the Winchester Science Centre. This is one of the boys’ favourite destinations but this was the first time we had taken Kara. Daughter of two scientists and sister of two geeky brothers that she is, she wasted no time in getting stuck in.

She was particularly fascinated by what we call the ‘parachutes’ exhibit. A tall perspex column placed over a table-top fan, it creates a vertical wind tunnel which propels small parachute-clad soldiers up and out of the top, to float slowly back to earth into the waiting arms of a gaggle of eager kids.

And that’s where this week’s photo was taken. Kara had just released her parachutist and was gazing skywards as she waited, arms outstretched, for it to float back down to her.

Concentration. Excitement. Anticipation. Joy. One moment in time that tells so much. Who needs video?


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