My Sunday Photo: Mirror image

Toby has always been the most quiet and reflective of our three children, so this image seemed apt.

It’s been a busy half-term week for the boys. It started with a weekend trip in to London for Chinese New Year and to visit the Tate Modern. Then on Tuesday I took the day off to take them to the newly refurbished British Motor Museum.

This photo was taken at the last of these locations. Both our boys are car-obsessives, so a day at a motor museum was like heaven for them. Having been initially reluctant to leave the house at all, Toby warmed up when we arrived and he was soon observing and obsessively memorising every fact about every car he could lay eyes on.

While Isaac tends to process his thoughts by speaking them aloud, Toby focusses inwards rather than outwards. 95% of the time, trying to get him to share what he’s thinking is like trying to get blood out of the proverbial stone. But set the ball rolling on a topic he enjoys – cars, say – and there’s no stopping him. He talked. He talked a lot. For the entire day. This was a rare quiet moment.


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