My Sunday Photo: Pick-up line

To be honest, she had me at “Dad-eee …”

I was just about to head out for work on Thursday morning when Kara came bounding up the stairs. Normally we’d have a quick cuddle and she would send me off with a “have a nice day at work” but this time she sidled up to me and spontaneously asked, “Daddy, can you come and pick me up from pre-school today?” in that little sing-song voice which she will no doubt use to wrap future boyfriends around her little finger.

How can you say no to a request – literally, a pick-up line – like that?

I rarelyย pick Kara up as her preschool is directly on Heather’s routeย home from work but, seeing as she asked and I had a meeting-free end to my day, I happily agreed.

Now Kara is generallyย quite tired at the end of a busy day of running around in the garden and pressing hama beads, meaning that by the time her mum picks her up she is frequently – how do I say this? – a stroppy little madam somewhat overwrought.

But not this time. When I arrived, she sprinted over to me, jumped into my arms and exclaimed, “Thank you *so* much for coming, daddy. You’re the best daddy in the world!”

She was all smiles all the way home, regaling me with tales of the very important things she had done that day with that combination of maturing language skills and infectious enthusiasm that only a pre-schooler has.

Never mind future boyfriends. She has me wrapped around her little finger too.


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