Podcast #23: Budding Smiles

Welcome to episode 23 of the Slouching towards Thatcham parenting podcast.

Every week my guest and I each talk about and read one of our favourite posts, giving a peek inside our family lives. It’s as simple as that: bite-sized chunks of blogging brilliance!

Budding Smiles logoThis week I’m joined by Hannah from Budding Smiles.

In her post Why I’m not censoring my language for my kids, Hannah discusses why she is careful what she says to her 1½-year-old son Toby but stresses why she won’t excessively censor the language she uses either.

You can follow Hannah on her blog Budding Smiles, on Twitter @buddingsmiles and also on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

STT 2015 banner 6I’ve gone back to October 2013 this week and a post I wrote marking the 30th anniversary of the release of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s controversial song Relax.

In Relax? That’s easy for you to say, I ponder the issue of explicit and suggestive song lyrics, how the boundaries of censorship have shifted since Relax and what this means for parents of music-loving children.

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