Podcast #17: Blogfest 2015 review with The DADventurer

Welcome to episode 17 of the Slouching towards Thatcham podcast, which this week takes a look back at Mumsnet’s annual conference Blogfest 2015.

Helping me reflect on the ups and downs of the day is Dave from The DADventurer.

The DADventurer logoIf you haven’t already, do please read Dave’s post My post-Blogfest15 thoughts about gender stereotypes, which he talks about on the podcast.

You can follow Dave on his blog The DADventurer, on Twitter @the_dadventurer and also on Facebook, Instagram, PinterestGoogle+ and YouTube.

STT 2015 banner 6I’ve called out a few excerpts on the podcast, but if you would like to read my full observations on the event, go to 14 things I took away from Blogfest 2015.

If you attended Blogfest or are considering doing so in the future, do please leave a comment below.

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Next podcast: Friday 4th December


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